Welcome to Ronco sopra Ascona

Dear Citizens, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we are now introducing the website of our Municipality; this powerful computer tool will permit us to better cater to the needs of our population and will give us the opportunity to let the world get acquainted with our lovely town overlooking the shores of Lake Maggiore, surrounded by its magnificent mountains, blessed by the sun and immersed in a blend of tropical and Mediterranean vegetation. .
Thanks to this tool, anyone can get more information about the local events, consult Municipal regulations, contact the administration, exchange information with representatives of the Municipality by e-mail, etc.
Besides enjoying the wonderful photos published on our website, all those people and tourists, who want to actually come to visit our town, may directly contact hotel and pension owners, also included on the Ronco sopra Ascona website.

Now dearest Ladies and Gentlemen, with my very best regards and always at your service, I wish you happy “surfing” of the web.

The Mayor, Paolo Senn

Natel        +41 (0)79 / 685 16 30
Privato     +41 (0)91 / 791 11 12
Fax          +41 (0)91 / 791 11 11

Conferenza PubblicaConferenza Pubblica [679 KB]
Il Ticino dal ducato di Milano al Cantone svizzero (1403-1803) giovedì 5 ottobre 2017, ore 20.00

Calendario comunale 2017Calendario comunale 2017 [1907 KB]

Manifestazioni 2017Manifestazioni 2017 [6379 KB]

Video Comune di Ronco sopra Ascona

RoncoJazz - Pre-Opening

Concorso assunzione operaio comunale 03.11.2017Concorso assunzione operaio comunale 03.11.2017 [554 KB]

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Indagine di soddisfazione dell'utenzaIndagine di soddisfazione dell'utenza [1718 KB]

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